Five years of testing by a leading university in tobacco research showed that Off-Shoot-T can pay more on the floor than a popular so-called bargain contact.

In the fifth consecutive year of on-farm research by a leading university, the results showed Off-Shoot-T increased tobacco yields by an average of 86 pounds per acre over the popular so-called bargain contact.

For excellent results, use Off-Shoot-T, preferred by more flue-cured tobacco growers than any other contact.

Not all contact sucker controls are alike. That's why you need the confidence of Off-Shoot-T. It's the premium brand that has paid off on



the floor, year after year. And it's supported by the quality control of the Cochran Corporation, as specified by Procter & Gamble Company, the pioneers of present day contact sucker control.

Insist on the Premium Brand
You don't need anyone to tell you that tobacco is a crop you treat with care. And you start with the best you can get. Quality seed. Top grade fertilizer and insecticide. You give your crop the best care you can from transplant to harvest. That's why it doesn't make sense to take chances on so-called bargain sucker control products.

Whether you use a contact alone or in combination with a systemic in several applications, insist on Off-Shoot-T. Don't be misled that cheaper contacts are "the same as" Off-Shoot-T. There's only one Off-Shoot-T. It's the premium brand. It has worked for more farmers on more acres of tobacco than any other contact. And those farmers know that the premium brand has paid off on the floor. Again and again.