When it comes to service, we get the fat out. Out of Memphis. To anywhere you want it -- when you need it. On time. Our central location helps. Look at a map and you'll see that Memphis is located within 500 miles of most major poultry feed and processing plants. And with complete facilities for both truck and rail loading, we can

get the fat to you in practically no time at all. Which means you get on time delivery of one of the finest high energy fats available anywhere in the country. A fat that is noted for its purest qualities. Free of moisture.Free of most impurities -- a special 60 mesh Ronnenger-Petter strainer sees to that (our strainers are so fine you can't see the openings with the naked eye). Free of harmful micro-organisms such as Salmonella - all HEF is pasteurized.

And you won't have to worry about chlorinated pesticide residues either. Each batch of HEF is thoroughly analyzed for PCB and chlorinated pesticide residues. We won't release a single shipment
unless it passes all our strict tests. Tests that meet or exceed all the federal and state requirements.

HEF. It's more than just chicken feed. It's a high quality fat that gets to you when you need it. When it comes to service, we trim the fat. Try HEF. And time us sometime. For more information, please contact us.