Cochran Corporation's Integration team is lead by Dr. John Arnold. John has over twenty years of experience working in the Process World. John is known for his development of the TI/Siemens APT software package.

We draw on our years of related experience and our understanding of the available technology and equipment to develop a system that performs to your expectations. We are experienced in the leading Process Control Systems. We can help you select the system that is most applicable for your process or we will work with the system that you have selected.

Services of the Cochran Integration Team
Integration Cochran will work with your process engineering and production personnel to identify critical variables and production targets, and work with your management team to understand the data they need to optimize your manufacturing processes. We can manage the project help you with your upgrades and training. We offer maintenance contracts for any of our projects.

Consulting Cochran offers a wide range of consulting services. Migration and batch is our expertise
Object Library Cochran has developed objects for the leading Process Automation software packages. Cochran will share these libraries with you or customize libraries for your specific needs. This can save your company hours of programming time.
Training Cochran will work with your Engineers and Operations and provide on-site training classes for your process. Cochran takes pride in no only teaching the product classes, but tailoring the class towards your specific application.
Recent Projects Completed by Cochran Engineers RONA
Eastman Chemical Company
Other references and contract information can be provided upon request and permission from the companies involved.
Maintenance Contracts Tired of dealing with the factory's hotline? Need time to stay up-to-date on the latest software? Cochran can do this for you no charge when you purchase a one, two, three-year maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts can save your Engineers hours of time debugging and training.

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Our mission is to meet and exceed our customer's satisfaction by providing services that are creative, innovative, practical, cost effective and adaptable to the daily demands of plant operation. We strive to deliver the highest quality of engineering expertise, service and support in a timely and efficient manner.


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