Off- Shoot-O is a contact type chemical pinching agent. It contains a combination of active ingredients and wetting agents carefully balanced to chemically pinch Azaleas. The active ingredients are the methyl esters of C6-C12 fatty acids.

On Azaleas OFF-SHOOT-O has proven to be helpful in either shortening a nursery's growing cycle or producing larger grade sizes in the normal growing time.

Growing Flexibility
- because of the ease and speed with which an Off-Shoot-O chemical pinch can be accomplished, plants can be more easily pinched at optimum times.

- an Off-Shoot-O chemical pinching program can be put into effect

quickly and efficiently with hand or power spray equipment.

- Off-Shoot-O is effective on container and field grown Azaleas.

The Way it Works
Off-Shoot-O is diluted with water to form a stable emulsion which is applied as a foliar spray. The spray must be directed to give maximum contact with the growing tips. Off-Shoot-O is effective only when it comes in direct contact with these growing tips. In about an hour the tips will start to darken and brown and on most varieties will darken to a deep brown or black within 24 hours of application. The emulsion kills the rapidly growing shoot tips of the plant while leaving the remainder of the plant essentially unaffected. The effect is similar to manual removal of the tip.